How To: Board an Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) bus in a wheelchair

Board an Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) bus in a wheelchair

If you're bound to a wheelchair and living in Orange County, California, then this video is a must-see if you use public transportation. It will show you the steps to boarding an Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) bus the right way, when in your wheelchair.

1. Arrive at the bus stop five to ten minutes early.
2. When your bus approaches, signal the driver to stop.
3. Wait for the bus to make a complete stop, and make your way to the back of the bus. Wait for the doors to open and leave enough from between you and the bus for the coach operator to lower the ramp
4. Once the ramp is completely lowered, and the coach operator has indicated it is safe, carefully back your wheelchair onto the ramp. Once securely on the ramp, lock the brakes on the wheelchair.
5. The coach operator will raise the ramp. When the ramp has reached the top, the coach operator will indicate when to release the wheelchair brakes. The coach operator will then escort the wheelchair to its proper location.
6. Once in its proper location, the coach operator will ensure the wheelchair is properly secured with a seat restraint.
7. When you are ready to get off the bus, signal the coach operator to stop at the next bus stop.
8. Wait for the bus to make a complete stop. The coach operator will make their way to the chair to release the seat restraint. Repeat the previous steps, in reverse order, to disembark the bus properly and safely.

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