How To: Immigrate to Canada

Immigrate to Canada

The purpose of this video is to show how to become a permanent resident in Canada. Some programs are federal and some are for Quebec. The first program is the skilled worker program. The applicant is accessed under a point system and is awarded points for education level, knowledge of English or French, work experience, age, confirmed job offer, and adaptability and you must have sufficient proof of funds. The next program is Family Class Sponsorship. A citizen or permanent resident can sponsor a spouse, common law spouse, dependent child, parent, grand parent, or orphaned relative and must take full responsibility for the person for 3 years. The next program is live in care giving. This program is good for people that have experience in care giving. The care giver lives with the family they are working for and can apply for permanent status after living in Canada for 2 years. They may also apply to bring the rest of their family to Canada. The next program is a Student Visa. To qualify you must be accepted to a school in Canada and demonstrate the ability to pay for school. Almost all students can work on campus or apply for an off campus work permit. After graduation the student can apply for work and after 2 years of work can apply for permanent residence. The next program is a work permit. You must have a job offer, both employer and employee will have to perform a variety of procedures, and you can bring your family with you. Work permits have to be renewed every 1-2 year and after a few years you can apply for permanent residency or just continue to renew the permit. The next program is business immigration with 2 programs one for the entrepreneur and one for investor. You must meet the experience and financial requirements to be approved for either of these programs and you must submit a medical and police form.

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