How To: Get a Canadian work permit

Get a Canadian work permit

To obtain a work permit, you must first have a job offer from a Canadian employer. To get a job offer, you can apply directly and send your resume to a perspective employer, use an employment agency, or post your resume on employment websites. Next, you must have a labor market opinion. To get an LMO, you have to fill out some forms and submit some supporting documents. This process can take from a few weeks to 6 months to complete. After the LMO is approved, you must then apply for a work permit. The work permit form must be filed at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country that you have lived legally in for at least one year. You will have to go for a personal interview at the place where you applied for the work permit and entry visa. The work permit application takes at least 2 weeks to complete. Next, you must obtain medical and police clearance. If you have a criminal record, then your application will be denied. The medical clearance must be provided by a local provider found on a specific list provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The work permit is valid for one to two years depending on the length of the contract. Permits can be extended if the contract is extended. People who have worked on a permit for 2-3 years can apply for permanent residency.

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